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ICSES Transactions on Computer Networks and Communications
Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2015

Editorial ...

a Sama College, IAU, Shoushtar Branch, Shoushtar, Iran


Highlights and Novelties
1- To say a welcome to the Readers and Members.

2- For persuading prospective Authors, Reviewers, and Editors.


Manuscript Abstract
We are pleased to announce that our first issue (Vol.1 No.1) is in the press for publishing in May 2015. Our elite editorial board and distinguished reviewers grantee the issues quality and solidarity. Also, we do our bests to enhance the journals qualifications.


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Copyright and Licence
© Copyright was transferred to International Computer Science and Engineering Society (ICSES) by all the Authors. This manuscript is published in Open-Access manner based on the copyright licence of Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).


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Hamid Reza Boveiri, "Editorial ...," ICSES Transactions on Computer Networks and Communications, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 1-5, May 2015.


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Manuscript ID: -2
Pages: 1-5
Submitted: 2015-05-01
Accepted: 2015-05-01
Published: 2015-05-01

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ICSES Transactions on Computer Networks and Communications
ISSN: 2588-5847

ISSN: 2588-5847
Frequency: Quarterly
Accessability: Online - Open Access
Founded in: Mar. 2015
Publisher: ICSES
DOI Suffix: 10.31424/icses.itcnc