ICSES Transactions on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Vol. 4, No. 4, Dec. 2018

A Survey and Comparative Analysis on Image Segmentation Techniques | Book Chapter of Image Segmentation: A Guide to Image Mining

Vikramsingh Parihar a,, Hamid Reza Boveiri b
a PRMCEAM, Amravati, India
b Sama College, IAU, Shoushtar Branch, Shoushtar, Iran

Highlights and Novelties

1- Existing literature is summarized based on the content of the relevant research papers.

2- Gist of the studied research papers is presented in five categories, namely, graph based work; thresholding based work; clustering based work; edge based work; then contours, and wavelets based work.

3- In particular, this chapter provide the directions to solve the image segmentation problems through the graph theory based suggested approach.

4- Presented work is very useful to the beginners in the domain of image processing, particularly who want to work in the image segmentation domain.

Manuscript Abstract
Image segmentation is the very first step in almost all the image processing applications where the properties of objects in images are need to be analyzed. By objects, we mean information of the image like color, texture, shape, edges, boundaries and structure. Various different algorithms have been employed to extract this information from the images. This paper provides a systematic review of image segmentation approaches. Our survey focuses on five key aspects: concept used by the authors, the performance evaluation parameter used by them, the database used, claims by those authors and our findings. Also, the whole analysis is presented by categorizing the different segmentation approaches in five parts; graph based methods, thresholding based methods, clustering methods, edge based approached and contours/wavelet based methods. The whole idea of the work is to provide a systematic and comparative analysis of the various approaches. Also, relevant databases and the list of performance parameters is also provided.

 Clustering Techniques   Edge-based Segmentation   Graph Theory   Image Processing   Image Segmentation   Preprocessing   Thresholding 

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Vikramsingh Parihar, Hamid Reza Boveiri, "A Survey and Comparative Analysis on Image Segmentation Techniques," in Image Segmentation: A Guide to Image Mining, 1st ed., ITIPPR: ICSES, 2018, pp. 1-15.

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