ICSES Transactions on Computer Hardware and Electrical Engineering

Vol. 5, No. 4, Dec. 2019

Control Paradigms for Multi-Cluster Microgrids: Centralized or Decentralized Schemes | Miscellaneous

a Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen, Việt Nam

Highlights and Novelties

1- Introduce the multi-cluster structure of Microgrids with distributed generation, energy storage and aggregate loads.

2- Review the control paradigm for Microgrids which is classified into two approaches: centralized and decentralized schemes.

3- Discuss the challenges of Microgrid and distributed generation in controls, operations and applications.

Manuscript Abstract
Microgrid (MG) is a small-scale, medium- or low-voltage system with Distributed Generation (DG) and Energy Storage (ES) to supply power to local loads or communities. It can be built either in forms of AC, DC, hybrid or multiple electrical network considering the nature of the power generation of DG and loads [1-2]. Different forms of DG such as Photovoltaic (PV), Fuel Cell (FC), Microturbine (MT), etc. are adapted by power electronic interfaces which allows flexibility and controllability of MG in various operation modes. The control of MG is mainly designed based on the legacy of droop and load frequency controls, etc. but can be performed either in centralized or decentralized paradigm [3]. From the grid’s point of view, MG can be seen as a single controllable entity with better energy security, reliability, flexibility and efficiency [4]. To realize these advantages, many researches have been done with respect to the planning, configuration, operation and control of MG considering various market models.

 Microgrid   distributed generation   control schemes   multi-cluster topology 

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