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Dear respected ICSES Member,

Before applying for any kinds of position, please kindly pay attention to the following short guidance. This short guide is supposed to help you making better choice, increase your chance and avoid wasting your time as well as the journal's, since the number of applications is really very high.
  • Before sending your application, please make sure that your profile is complete and updated. Currently, Affiliation, Short Biography, URL to your WebPage or ScholarGoogle profile, ORCID and Expertise Area are of most important fields for us.
  • Only one application can be submitted and be under-the-review at each time. To submit another application you should wait till the status of the previous applications changes to the Accepted or Rejected
  • Currently, ORCID, Postal Code and City are mandatory for Editors.
  • For all kinds of positions, one of the e-mails should be set to the academic e-mail address, and general mail servers like gmail, yahoo etc. cannot be accepted.
  • Please do not copy/paste you Biography in the comments as we have access to all of the fields in your profile, and surely, we will see your Biography before any decision. Please leave the comments blank or use it in very short manner.
  • The applicant should demonstrate significant career in the field of application. It can simply be shown by his/her list of positions, grants, publications and so on. At this time, the applicant should have at least some published papers in the prestigious ISI-WoS, SCOPUS-indexed journals, as well as leading conferences in the field.
  • Nationality divergence is an other important factor as we cannot devote the most portion of editorial board to one country/continent.
  • Currently, a public Publons* Profile, including your all publications, review and editorship statistics, is mandatory for any kinds of applications. Please make sure that your Publons profile is "updated" and "public"; then, correctly put its URL to the above-mentioned field.
publons *Publons is a part of Clarivate Analytics, a free service that enables you to track, verify and showcase your peer-review contributions.