ICSES Transactions on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

Vol. 4, No. 4, Dec. 2018

Deep Emotional Intelligence: Study on Discrete Action Sequences | Book Chapter of Image Segmentation: A Guide to Image Mining

Santhoshkumar R a,, Kalaiselvi Geetha M b
a Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India
b Annamalai University, Cuddalore, India

Highlights and Novelties

1- To recognize emotion from human body movements and for static action sequence.

2- To identify the emotion and prevent the suspicious event from public places.

3- The Different Bin Level HoG (DBLHoG)feature perform better identification of emotion on GEMEP corpus dataset.

Manuscript Abstract
Automatic emotion recognition is becoming recent research focus today. A facet of human intelligence is the ability to recognize emotion that is regarded as one of the attribute of emotional intelligence. Although research based on facial expressions or speech is seen in thrive, recognizing emotions from body gestures has been remained as a less explored topic. This chapter proposes a machine learning approach to achieve emotional intelligence. A set of Different Bin Level HoG features (DBLHoG) and Spatio-Temporal Interest Points (STIP) are extracted from human body movements present in each frame and are fed to a supervised learning algorithm. This experiment is conducted by GEMEP corpus dataset. In this dataset human expressing the five archetypical emotions likes (anger, joy, sad, fear and pride) using body movements. In this emotions recognition problem, random forest classifier outperformed the kNN classifier by achieving an overall recognition accuracy of 94.8% for DBLHoG feature. Moreover, the performance can be measured by qualitative approach. Finally, this chapter gives a brief study on achieving emotional intelligence with a deep learning approach.

 Emotion Recognition   Human body movements   Histogram of Gradient (HoG)   Random forest   k Nearest Neighbor (kNN)   Emotional intelligence   Deep learning 

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Santhoshkumar R, Kalaiselvi Geetha M, "Deep Emotional Intelligence: Study on Discrete Action Sequences," in Image Segmentation: A Guide to Image Mining, 1st ed., ITIPPR: ICSES, 2018, pp. 83-94.

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