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Detailed Design Analysis of Double V and Delta Interior Permanent Magnet Motor by Step Skewing and Winding Arrangements | Review Article

a School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Highlights and Novelties

-In the paper, a stepped skewing shift magnet rotor method for reducing the cogging torque of IPM motors is presented which can avoid the drawbacks of wide slot opening of stator slots.
-The electromagnetic performance of multi-layered IPM motors is investigated for electric vehicle (EV) applications.
-Torque and back electromagnetic force (EMF) waveforms are verified and compared by different step skewing models.
-The torque harmonics have been compared with different topologies.
- An IPM motor with a step-skewing magnet rotor is manufactured to verify the results of finite-element method (FEM).

Manuscript Abstract
A detailed design of interior permanent magnet motor is proposed by using the step skewing and winding arrangement for electric vehicle applications. The winding arrangements have a big influence on AC resistances at the high speed and switching frequency. Thus, an interior permanent magnet motor of 48 slots/8 poles with radial, tangential, and grouped winding arrangements has been investigated to compute AC resistances at a maximum speed of 16000 rpm. Moreover, for the winding arrangement designs, the current density and copper losses can be then improved. In addition, in order to improve the cogging torque due to wide slot openings, step–skew rotor slices have been arranged to minimize the torque ripple with different skewing angles. The optimal skewing angle of rotor slices is a function of slot opening and winding sizes calculated by analytical mode. The cogging torque curves and temperature distribution of two motors will be finally compared and discussed to see the validation of the method.

 Interior permanent magnet motor   Torque ripple   Hairpin winding   Finite element method. 

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