ICSES Transactions on Computer Networks and Communications

Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2015

A Review on Cloud Based Big Data Analytics | Review Article


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Todays computing world is facing tsunami and driving without riding on this tsunami towards next generation computing is no choice. So many IT companies decided to grow up with this tsunami like technology. One of these is cloud computing and another is Big data. Currently more than 5 billion mobile users, nearly same facebook, and other social media user generate this tsunami of data. On another side to deliver this services of big data a model called as cloud computing is spreading everywhere as next generations IT Service model. Both technologies continue to evolve. Ultimately, as a cloud, computing development matures, every top mind of organizations will think for development of efficient and agile cloud environment. At the other side, every cloud provider offers the services to the huge number data processing companies that generate data process data and make decision on cloud infrastructure. Ultimately its todays need to think on futures efficient cloud based Big data analytics In this review paper we are focusing on, how we can club Big data and cloud Computing in one frame of development.

 Big Data   Cloud Computing   Data Management   Distributed Computing. 

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Amitkumar Manekar, "A Review on Cloud Based Big Data Analytics," ICSES Transactions on Computer Networks and Communications (ITCNC), vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 6-9, May 2015.

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