ICSES Interdisciplinary Transactions on Cloud Computing, IoT, and Big Data

Vol. 3, No. 2, Jun. 2019

Third Millennium Smart Cyberspace | Miscellaneous

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Highlights and Novelties

1. With the fast development of cloud computing and computer science technology, the combination of the IoT, machine-to-machine communication generates ultra-large volume of data that require effective data management, storage and security. Given the recent advancements and current dynamic developments in the Third Millennium Fast Internet and Communication Technologies, the field of Cyber Security has become essential all across number of disciplines.

2. The Cyber disciplines include, Engineering, Business, Government, Industry, Smart Cities and Transportation, and Healthcare.

3. The proper Cyber Security provision is fundamental in securing Critical Cyber Infrastructures, IoT and Secure Energy Distribution, with effective Insider Threat in Energy Plants Analysis.

Manuscript Abstract
The Third Millennium is a new era in the Smart Fully Automated Cyberspace that is becoming pervasive in its nature while connecting the next generation of Ultra-Smart Robotic Devices with the computationally powerful Smart Computational Devices (SCDs) accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. In support of Smart World, the telecommunications networks providers and SCDs developers, are working together to create much faster transmission channels with provision of higher quality of service for any multimedia content for anyone, anywhere at any time.The Human Machine Interface with high definition audio and video facilitates seamless control of Smart Robotics

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