ICSES Interdisciplinary Transactions on Cloud Computing, IoT, and Big Data

Vol. 2, No. 2, Jun. 2018

The Challenges of Forensic Investigation in Cloud | Miscellaneous

a Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTMK), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Durian Tunggal, Malaysia

Highlights and Novelties

1. This study has highlighted the current forensic investigation challenges specifically for the cloud based environment.

2. Recommendation to overcome the challenges of each stage in the forensic model has been highlighted.

3. This literature review will give the researchers an overview of what needs to be focused when designing a forensic model for cloud based network in future.

Manuscript Abstract
The cloud computing earns huge popularity in an information technology field as it could provide scalable, accessible resources all around the world through the internet facility. These situations not only attract diverse attention of business and research community, but also become the target of cybercrime as a forensic method difficult to be applied to this technology. Consequently, the absence of evidence has initiated the attackers to launch malicious activity against cloud. In this paper, we discussed the challenges of conducting the forensic investigation on cloud for each phases associate with cloud model, i.e. identification, collection and preservation, examination and analysis, and reporting and presentation. Each phase has different challenges, among them are concerned on the privileges given by Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to their clients, the exact location of the physical media, security concern if the physical compromised and so forth. As such, we provide a few solutions for above mentioned phases that can facilitate to conduct a forensic investigation against cloud computing environment.

 digital forensic   cloud computing   cybercrime 

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